Sacramental Preparation & RCIA Program is a Ministry, within the Parish Christian Education Committee, serving under the guide of our Parish Pastor with a Family Catechesis preparing children, youth, their parents and adults to receive the Christian Initiation Sacraments and live according to these gifts. ·       RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults), First Communion, Confirmation


To guide, and support the families (Children, youths, and adults) as they grow in their faith, when they are being prepare for the Initiation Sacraments; through a program Christocentric & Trinitarian that teach doctrinal formation of the Catholic Faith, is immersed in the Scripture and promotes spiritual life in the Community and the society.  

Objectives/Values ·       To bring people in communion with Jesus Christ. ·       Help our people to understand and know the Profession of Faith.  

Members Profile ·       A person who believe in Jesus Christ and is a witness of His Message. ·       A person who enjoys the company of Children, Youth and Adults to share God’s Gospel. ·       A person that even when is not a theologian, an experienced teacher or a “perfect person” is humbling capable to learn how to share his/her faith and is willing to learn and comply with our Diocese requirements for Catechists.

Our meetings Contact Catechesis Coordinator.

How to participate? Contact Catechesis Coordinator for detail information.

Languages in which programs are available: English and Spanish

Spanish Coordination: Haydalina Torres   403.467.4109

English Coordination: Please contact the parish office for more information.